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Monday, June 23, 2008

We Win (Finally)

A couple of old college roommates and I about 11 years ago decided to split Celtics season tickets. We figured Rick Pitino and Tim Duncan would turn it around. Only it did not work out that way.

So we waited and upgraded...and waited and waited.

I was at the opening game last year, and the pain was almost palpable. When we lost the lottery agin, we almost turned in our seats after 11 brutal seasons. Then came Ray Allen and then Kevin Garnett, and it all changed.

Following are pictures from last Tuesdays game. BTW, the huge guy in front of me is Ron Artest from the Sacramento Kings. I mention this only, because he seems like a really decent guy. He was great with the fans, especially with the kids. Guess you can not believe everything you read.

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