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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rest Room

Lets look at the bathroom at Yale.


Its a little over the top with granite and marble. Consumers at least subconsciously associate clean bathrooms with competence and dirty bathrooms as a sign of an impending issue. Our bathroom features some really interesting Green products...Look again.

The wall sconce employs 3 13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent is great with white shades especially with a color rendering bulb. The lumen difference is 39 fluorescent watts versus 180 incandescent


The recessed use a 6 watt LED 12 volt bulb. Great color and 6 watts are very similar to a 35-40 watt low voltage bulb. Thus, the lumen difference is 160 low voltage to 24 watt LED. At $50 a piece, they are a tad expensive. With a 20 year lamp life, I will not be changing them anytime soon.



  1. Anonymous4:35 PM


    I had my kitchen renovated last year (actually, the project still isn't fully completed, but that's another story...). I had Lightolier non-LED 5" recessed lights installed. These lights take flood-type bulbs. They provide great lighting, but they produce a great deal of heat (my ceiling is 7.75' high and I'm only 5'10", yet I can still feel the heat that these lights generate). I know that I can retrofit these fixtures to LED's with the kits that you've written about before on this blog, but I'd rather not spend another $600 or so. Are there any compact fluorescent bulbs available that produce high-quality light similar to the light quality that the current incandescent bulbs produce that will fit these 5" cans? And what sort of cost/energy savings do you think I could achieve?



  2. Steve,

    An incandescent bulb generates 300 degrees of heat. In fact 90% of this bulb emits heat while only 10%produces actual light.

    The simplest and cheapest solution is color rendering fluorescent. Buy this lamp as 2800 degrees Kelvin for similar light to incandescent.

    If you have a dimmer, you will have to buy this lamp from TCP. This company manufactures the bulb with a special ballast for dimming(you may want to email me with the style dimmer)

    Lastly, as energy costs become prohibitive, Green choices become a greater bargain. You should have a payback in energy in 1-2 years. This does not include the savings to your HVAC system for eliminating heat

    Hopes this helps