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Monday, June 02, 2008

Inexpensive Bosch

Bosch first arrived in the US in the middle 90s, and became one of the most popular dishwashers. Simple formula to their success was a stainless tank, a heat boost to 161 degrees for better cleaning, and the one feature paramount to the American consumer....Quietness. Bosch became the most popular of the noiseless dishwashers.

Building the largest dishwasher manufacturing facility in North America became a really intelligent strategy as they have become less dependent on the Euro and very expensive European manufacturing..

In fact, Bosch recently introduced a lesser expensive dishwasher...it looks similar except for a small detail.

Looks the same on the outside...


The bottom of the tank is plastic...interesting



  1. Any thoughts on the Maytag 6701 dishwasher? Thanks

  2. FH: Maytag sells better at lower price points. Although Maytag actually is a good dishwasher, people seem to prefer a lower Bosch to an upscale Maytag

  3. Anonymous8:14 AM

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  4. Chase,

    Interesting site. First, I do not represent any companies to be perfect. We have 17 techs on the road to fix issues.

    When I hear bad appliance stories, I first ask:

    Was it the company, the product or service provider. Typically, people become enraged with the service process...especially when there is no service available

    When buying appliances be informed with social marketing, friends and family. I prefer local commentary, because we typically buy local.

  5. Victor9:14 AM

    I got a super quiet Bosch in 2008 but I am disappointed for two reasons: The tub is smaller than my previous GE dishwasher and the glassware does not come out sparkling clean which means an additional short wash is necessary which is annoying. My Mom is now looking for a dishwasher so I did not recommend the Bosch. I noticed Maytag model MDB7851 has a bigger tub, loads more dishes, and has a newly designed steam clean option. The steam clean option removes any residual stains on glassware after the regular wash and before the final rinse. I will recommend this model to my Mom based on my experience.