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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be (Environmentally) Friendly

Ah Friendly's...I remember sneaking out of camp when I was a kid for a Friendlys' Fribble. Friendly's is a Massachusetts based chain of family casual restaurants. They were started by 2 brothers and then sold to an investor group.

They just shifted from incandescent to LED for their new stores. The pictures are bad, but the 11 watt LED is brighter than the 75 watt incandescent and has 20 year life span.

This technology is starting to be financially viable in addition to environmentally friendly.

Have a look...

Incandescent 65W BR30 - Total Power 5135W

LR6 - Total Power 948W


  1. Love the info in the articles - laugh at the silly author for his preposterous "green" attitude.

    Realize that renovating an kitchen (throwing out functional appliances) or pouring ten thousand dollars or more into EACH appliance is not green. Yes, it takes greens to pay for it, but that's a different story.

    The best "green" approach is to buy quality products that last.

  2. How is changing a bulb "preposterous"?

    Change a bulb to LED, and you will use 10% of the energy of incandescent...older technologies are just not efficient in general

    A couple other stats

    Change a fridge and save 100 to 150 dollars a year per year

    Change a washer and or dryer and save $200 to 350 per pair each year

    We also recycle all the old stuff.

    My goal is not for readers to junk old stuff, but to buy efficient products when you do

    The Silly Author