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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Worlds First Induction Range

As you know from earlier posts, I am a fan of induction. Electric is 55% efficient, Gas 60% and induction is 90%, and this has ramifications in kitchen planning. Less residual heat means less venting required.

Induction is also the fastest to boil, easiest to simmer and child safe. Unfortunately, induction has only been available in a cooktop until now

Behold, the new Diva 36 inch induction range. Just as a FYI, the 5 induction burners are the equivalent of a 90,000 BTU top or a 6 burner professional cooktop.

Diva Range

Great post on the benefits of induction.


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Who do you think will buy the GE appliance product line now that GE has indicated its intention to sell that business unit?

  2. To me...Its never been if but when GE would spin appliances off. Its a tough business...

    My list of possible suitors:

    Electrolux: These guys seem to print money(Kronars) in Sweden, but they run a very lean business. GE is anything but

    LG: LG was the original OEM manufacturer for GE, so they seem like a good fit. In my opinion, they cannot handle what they have, but business is about pride and ego...So they may roll the dice

    Bosch: Bad fit organizationally, but GE would certainly increase their limited offerings...and the Euro is very strong

    Haier: Although we do not sell their products, this is a good money bet. Ge is already manufacturing in China(they would produce on Mars if it would save a buck) and Haier is Chinese and just itching for a piece(and the inevitable nose bleed) of the American market

    Samsung: Another great bet...A large Korean company with tons of dough and little understanding of the American appliance market...

    Daewoo: Ditto

    Their Mexican OEM manufacturer: Reread LG

    One company that cannot...Whirlpool.

  3. Yikes...I just bought a whole kitchen of GE stuff from you guys...would you worry if it were sold???

  4. What is the price point for the diva induction range? Do you think they will manufacture a 30 inch model?

  5. Maggie,

    I would not worry. GE has invested only recently in their appliances, and their new products are great. Whoever buys them will invest properly and have a truly excellent line. GE would rather be in aircrafts and credit.

  6. The Diva sells for $9299..They should have manufactured a 30 inch first and as of now have not planned to build one