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Friday, May 30, 2008

Shallow Depth Refrigeration Part 4

Last week and earlier this week, we covered the three styles of shallow depth refrigeration: Regular, professional and integrated.

But what do the space starved urbanites consider? LG used to manufacture a 24 inch 11 cubic foot bottom freezer, but not in stainless. Look at this stainless bottom freezer from Germany, Blomberg. This is a very good alternative for consumers who actually have no alternatives(other than to demolish their kitchen and start over)

Great replacement piece.



  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Steve, is there such a thing as a quiet air conditioner? Maybe ones that are meant for a library or a bedroom? I bought two from Best Buy this weekend (Frigidaires) and they are both so loud. The manual says the dripping noise of water hitting the fan is normal but it really sounds like a bug zapper all night long. Do you guys have models that are particularly quiet? I'm looking for a 5,000 BTU and an 8,000 BUT model. Thanks.

  2. I used to like the AC business...There were great brands. Now almost everything is sourced to the same factories in China.

    Try a Friedrich. It was the old, but very quiet Panasonic piece

    Listen to the demo at the store before you buy