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Friday, May 09, 2008

How to Buy Appliances...Part 9

Look at this person for a second:

If you are shopping for a new kitchen, you are about to have a 3-6 month relationship with one of these people. He/She is your salesperson(or about to be).

You are not shopping at Sears, Lowes, Best Buy or even Yale. You are shopping with this person. He/she will recommend products, interface with your builder, contractor, electrician and cabinet person, schedule your deliveries and straighten any issues. He/She is the face of your experience.

A few questions to consider before placing an order(that is the best time to ask).

1. Are they knowledgeable? With the internet, consumers have become better informed, but everyone needs help form an informed and neutral third party...which brings us to the next question.

2. Are they actually neutral? There are some heavy direct incentives being thrown around, especially by lesser known companies. So if you are being steered...it is a reason for concern...(we do not carry unknowns or allow extra direct payments to our associates. In these cases, we will cut the price by the extra incentive).

3. How good are they at returning calls? But wait there is more...If they are off, do they have someone to assist? You will have plumbers and electricians in your home. Waiting around for a return call will cost you money.

I could delve into dress and overall deportment, but that might be unfair. Personally, I think salespeople should dress and behave in an overall professional way towards their guests, but most people think I am somewhat strict.

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