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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eco Yale

Part of being a truly Green company is eliminating toxic cleaners and cleaning solutions. We have effectively accomplished this as well as buying more recycled paper, cups etc.

The one problem is stainless cleaner. Stainless is tough to keep looking clean. Traditional cleaners cannot maintain stainless without streaking, but stainless cleaners tend to have a lab full of chemicals.

After much research, we found a totally Green stainless cleaner...now known as Yale Eco Clean. It is actually 40 wipes and prevents staining and corrosion.

Yale Eco-Clean


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Do you have 18" dishwashers? I couldn't tell which models were smaller on your website. Can you list the model numbers? Also, are they in a kitchen package? Thank you.

  2. We do sell 18 inch dishwashers. Typically, I have not placed them in packages, because people seem to buy them singularly

    Models and brands:

    GSM1860NSS GE
    FMB330RGC Frigidaire
    SRV53C03UC Bosch
    G832SCI Miele
    G818SCVI Miele
    Zbd1800 Monogram

  3. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Thanks. Is there a model in stainless steel that you recommend over the others? Is one quieter?

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Thanks for posting the model numbers. Are all of the models carried in your store or are they a special order? I was only able to find the bottom three on your website (they also happen to probably be the most expensive). Thank you for the quick response earlier.

  5. Miele is the best but most expensive..I like the Bosch, but for the money check out the Monogram

  6. We sell all listed...for an inexpensive piece look at the Frigidaire