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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Night Late.. Thursday at The Beehive

Its Midnight. I have been travelling to Vegas and Chicago on business. Marketing has changed in the last year. Nobody is listening anymore. In the 1960s, you could reach 80% of the female audience with 3 Television spots. Now its all peer to peer as it should be. Its just the digital expression of what people have been doing forever.

But anyway, we are going into the holiday season, so I will have Kurt show you how to cook a turkey. Hopefully my mother reads this blog. Last year she burnt soup. It tasted like ash. I will review stoves next week, so you will have a good idea of whats decent. We will throw in a little green, only because it is so easy to save money and help the environment at the same time for the elusive "win win"

Lastly, every year we sponsor the Beantown JazzFest. I respect Darryl Settles who is the driving force behind this wonderful event. All the proceeds go to Prostate Cancer(yet another win win)..Anyway, we have a private party from 6-9 at The Beehive tomorrow night and I have totally spaced on inviting people....So the first 20 people who respond to the blog are in...Trust me on this one. This place is awesome.

We are upping the ante on the Yale blog...Objectively inform, entertain, teach and when all else fails bribe them with a good time.

See some of you tommorrow

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