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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday is Green Day

Sunday is my weekend day to work. Everyone else in the company works a weekend day, so if you want a rule you can't be the exception(get it).

Its a good day to read and blog about Green. The blog should be about appliances, but I have tried to double the size of the blog by adding Green.

First some stats:

46% of homeowners in the US admit to not knowing much about environmental issues, maybe because it is not a political hot button yet

44% of the population would not be interested in paying more upfront for Green products. Once again, this is understandable. The message should be buy Green and save a bunch of money. Consumers will save $300 a year just buying switching their washer and bulbs.

Other interesting facts:

From a website called duct-911: Replace your filters. Filters bcome dirty, clogged and require more energy to push air through

From a website called Ramsayhome.com: 20% of your heat loss is related to your windows. Caulk and reseal them


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  2. My Pleasure Dave...

    Duct-911.com was pretty interesting