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Friday, September 28, 2007

Save $72 or Much More and Do Almost Nothing

I love talking to smokers. Invariably, they will say that their habit does not cost them that much. At the end of their elaborate computation, they have to remember its after tax dollars. So you would multiply that $2,000 habit times your tax break to figure your true cost of smoking. Suddenly that habit could cost $3,000-$4,000. Even so, it is one tough habit to break.

This is an easy almost weekend post. $72(before tax, get it now?) doesn't seem like much, but guess what, I am not asking for very much except:

1. Shut off lights. One incandescent bulb on for 4 hours adds up to 15 dollars per year. The average American home has 40 different lights....Yow

2. Only use as much water as you need to boil....boiling 2.5 times a day adds up to about $25 per year

3. Shut off your computer monitor....instead of sleep...This adds up to about $15 per year

4. Shut off the television instead of standby. It adds up to about $17 per year

Its pretty easy. Now multiply that by everyone you know and they know...That's some pretty significant savings

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