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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Japan, Myspace, etc

I read the Wall Street Journal, because I want to feel like a business person. (Note that I did not say that I understand The Journal). Interesting article today about Japan. The government offices are raising the temperature to 82 degrees from 79.2. I have my house at 75, but most people have the thermostat at 68-72

What does an increase of 2.8 degrees do for the environment on a semi universal basis? Reduces carbon emissions by about 2.9 million tons or the equivalent of 6 million homes

Yale has finally reached the digital age at age 84(we were founded in 1923). We have our own page on Myspace. What does this mean?....Being 43, I am not really sure, but you can be a friend of Yale at Myspace.com/yaleappliance...It will probably be entertaining.

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