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Friday, September 28, 2007

How to...Buy a Gas Range

This first stove post will cover the basics. I will show the exactly the differences between the basic, better and best ranges. To simplify, I chose Frigidaire as a product line. I could have chose GE or Maytag, because the "step up" features are the same. Certain lines like Bosch and KitchenAid do not manufacture a lower priced range. Others like Whirlpool and Amana do not have a more upscale product. Regardless, the comparative features are the same.
Lets Look:

The Frigidaire FGF368. This is the base self cleaning with a 14,000 BTU power burner and oven with a storage drawer. Frigidaire will also manufacture this same model sporatically with convection Model number FGF375. This same range type is also available as the GLGF 376. The only difference is the right front burner is 16,000 BTU. BTW, a BTU or British Thermal Unit is a of measure for heat.

Frigidaire FGF368

The next logical step is their Gallery series GLGF388. This unit has stainless handles instead of black. The right front burner remains 16,000, but now you have a fifth burner.

Frigidaire GLGF388

The PLGF397 is a new range. Instead of a fifth burner you have a griddle or oblong shaped design. Also intead of a storage drawer, you have have a warming drawer. I love this feature(well maybe not love), beacuse its great for warming and refreshing without dehydrating foods. Think about. When is a family ever at the table together? Now you can serve anytime without microwaving. Buying just a warming drawer alone costs $700-1200. This range sells for around $1200.

Frigidaire PLGFZ397

The PLGF96 is Frigidaires' best range. Curiously, it has 5 burners instead of the griddle burner, but instead of just a warming drawer you now have a second functional oven

Frigidaire PLGFMZ96

So really the differences are: Convection, BTU output, 5 burner or griddle burner, warming drawer or second oven


  1. Myrtle9:34 AM

    When a buying a gas range, should you be concerned about the BTU outage? What's good and what's not. Does 14,000 mean your heat will be less hot than a 16,000? I am considering a gas range purchase and I am really ignorant to this. So, pardon my ignorance.

  2. No pardon necessary...This post is 2 years old...If you have an gas range, burners are probably 10,000 BTU...better ranges will now have a 16,000 BTU burner usually around $600 and up

    BTU(British Thermal Unit)is a measure of heat...look at it as a new unit should be 60% faster than an older unit on at least 1 burner