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Friday, September 21, 2007

Globalwarming and Jellyfish?

We launched our Green Project last year in order to educate clients on the benefits of energy efficient appliances. For instance, buying a front load washer will use 1/3 the water and half the energy with twice the capacity of a top loading machine. You save $150 per year and the net effect to the environment is equally compelling. As part of the program, we rebate these machines $75 to $100 instead of funding more advertising

The Green Project really was inspired by a Canadien friend of mine. It seemed apparent to her that Green living is the way to sustainability and not depletion of resources. With an accelerated birthrate, it becomes more important to learn and teach new more earth friendly ways. Thank you Louise

Green has been on my mind subconsciously for awhile. About 4 years ago, My nephew and I visited the Aquarium. There was a jellyfish exhibit. It seems jellyfish thrive on oxygen deprived and warmer oceans at the expense of other fish.

Flash forward 4 years to this months Discover magazine. The cover is "The Rise of the Jellyfish: Meet our Planets Next Masters". I have scanned some images for your review. Just remember these creatures live at the expense of other fish commonly found at your local Stop&Shop or Whole Foods....

Jelly #1

Jelly #2

Jelly #4

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