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Monday, September 10, 2007

EnergyStar Ratings

EnergyStar has just published an interesting guide. Although I do not understand the numbers, it is interesting to compare.

Refrigerator 10 years ago 25.92 per month to operate
Energystar Refrigerator 10.80 per month(seems high)

Electric Oven 1 hour per day 18.9 per month
Microwave 1/2 hour per day 2.16 per month

Dehumidifier 24 hours per day 51.84 per month....Ouch

Top loading washer 14.40 per month(seems low, but does not include water)
Front loading 4.32 per month

Computer monitor, printer
sleep mode 1.94 per month
Not in sleep mode 19.44 per month....OUCH

Waterbed 51.84 per month...Do we really need these things
Matress with a quilt, etc 0

Click here for an interactive energy usage cost calculator

Click here to download the NStar Appliance Operating Costs pamphlet

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