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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ebony Lighting and the Kelvin Spectrum

This is a tough title for content....Framburg has a really interesting finish called ebony. Its richer and smoother in texture than a bronze or a wrought iron finish, so it tends to be more formal

Sneak a peek:

Yale Showroom #331

For those familar with The Yale, you may have noticed that we have completely blocked the windows. This is unheared of in a store setting. Sunlight, however, actually diminshes earth tone textures like blacks and bronzes. Sunlight is 5000 degrees, whereas candlelight is 2000. Candlelight is more pleasing to the eye. Thus, these fixtures look much better without the sunlight

If you are planning a formal dining area, gallery etc, you want to consider shading for windows or skylights....Just a thought

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