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Monday, July 16, 2007

Not Exactly Away

I did sign off for a couple of weeks on Friday, but my ticket is actually 11 at night not in the morning. I feel like a guy who just said an emotional good-bye at a party, only to discover that he left his coat.

Anyway, I have some time. I have been looking at epinions for reviews on appliance stores, and have found a big recurring issue. Delivery misunderstandings seem like a big problem. Most of us have purchased books, music and clothes online without issues. But a book is not an appliance. Appliances require staging, warehousing and competent people consummating the delivery.

Here is the scenario: You buy an appliance and typically the trucker leaves it in the garage. You sign for it and to discover the damage later. The appliance company disavows the problem saying to file a freight claim. The delivery agent has the signed document, and you are out of luck completely. You have to read these stories to understand the depth of peoples anger and frustration

My piece of advice is simple. ALWAYS inspect any products before you sign....And check out epinions for some interesting stories.

I have also written a few other posts so you will be entertained while I am away

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