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Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Style

Its hard to believe that I have been working here since age 7. The old Yale used to be on Canal Street near the garden, and my father drove nt Back Bay. He always pointed out the buildings, the unusual styles and elements. He always used to say: "That was when artisans built buildings"...If only we purchased those buildings....

I am still intrigued by architecture, buildings and design, even as it relates to the appliance/lighting business. In the 80s, it was verde green and polished brass. In the 90s, it was(and still is to lesser extent) the antique bronzes, black and darker finishes. Of course the biggest trend has been stainless finishes in this milennium largely in appliances, but surprisingly in lighting as well.

The next big trend in my opinion is the French Neo Classic look, especially in lighting. I have been watching this for about 6 months. It can best be described as architectual white tile with optic glass lighting and/or whimsical crystal.

The hottest nightspot(curiously catering to geezers like myself), The Beehive, was styled after a 1920s French Bohemian nightclub, and the newest restaurant scheduled to open in August, The Gaslight, is French right down to the zinc bar.

Take a peek at some pictures of products available residentially:

Light Sample 1

Light Sample 2

Light Sample 3

Light Sample 4

Light Sample 5

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