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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back Again

Enjoyed the trip. Hopefully Kurt entertained you while I was away. There is a ton of useful topics to write.

TaxDay: It looks like August 11-12. If this happens, I will show you how to save money without waiting 3 hours in a line somewhere(not just appliances and lighting either)

Green: It was 110 degrees in Budapest, which is the hottest temperature in 130 years. We have a few new ideas to significantly decrease energy consumption and save money at the same time. Small changes can yield big results

Style: I toured the Italian Alps, and there are some great ideas for home decorating

Podcasts: The latest series of short how tos on different products. Its pretty informative and fairly hilarious as these guys freeze in front of a camera

I will be answering your emails on Monday....Have a Nice Weekend

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