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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Essential Homebuilding Tips

This post should be titled "more essential tips not included from the last post"

Water Filter: You are drinking a pint of filtered water at $1.00, so the cost per gallon is $8. Then the price for 5,000 gallons becomes $40,000. How about buying a 5,000 gallon filter for $500-700. It seems to be cheaper and better for the environment(no plastic)

Undermount Sink: Lets face it: It looks much better and is easier to clean.

Pull-out Faucet: In other words a faucet that incorporates a spray with the faucet itself....Its much neater without 4 impliments to turn and adjust water

Front Load Washer: Mathmatically, there really is no smarter choice

Focal Lighting Piece: It does not cost very much in the scheme of your budget($75-150) to really have distinctive lighting. Lighting defines your environment

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