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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jett Foundation/ Yale Golf Tournament

When I started this blog, my mission was to be impartial to featured products, manufacturers and even to Yale....I do have to make an exception in this case.

A friend of mine has twin boys who have Duscharnes Muscular Dystrophy. This disease is a nightmare. By 12, these kids will no longer have the ability to walk. By 16, they will be completely beridden, and by 20, the disease will attack the heart and lungs.

It is a genetic disorder that has a 100% mortality rate.

The Mcsherry family has a son, Jett, who has this affliction and has established the only grass roots foundation dealing with this problem.

Now every year Yale has three main charity events: Our hockey game against the Bruins, our charity golf tournament and our private sale. So this year we sponsored the Jett foundation for our golf outing and raised $105,000. This will go directly to helping children with this disorder.

There are three people who really worked incredibly hard toward this result. Mary Conley(I introduced her as one of the nicest people I know) provided the logistical support. My sister Marilyn procured all the auction items. My Brother-in-Law(more like a brother really) basically provided the blueprint and worked his tail off to make this event happen.

This post is dedicated to them


  1. This is GREAT Steve, I applaud you are yours for this effort. My Nephew also has Duchenne(DMD) he just turned 14 and has suffered (what would seem to you or I) a rapid loss of mobility and function as he has gotten older.

    Anyway great Job!
    - JT

  2. Its a horrible disease, JT. We plan on raising more money in the future