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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You Are Using Your GreatGrandparents Appliances

I read this article about Australians hoarding incandescent bulbs, and it is amazing to me. First, Australia is banning incandescent lighting, so its compact fluorescent or candles starting in 2010.

Our loyalty may be a bit misguided. We keep a car on average of 4 years, a stereo system for 6 and our clothes about 18 months.

The incandescent bulb was invented in 1802, and mass produced in 1879. It is incredibly inefficient as it produces only 10% light and 90% heat. This, of course, adds to your air conditioning bills, etc in the summer. A flourescent bulb is 4 times more efficient and emits 3 times less heat and lasts 10 times longer

The top load washer was invented in 1906, and mass produced in the 1930s. My grandfather actually sold Bendix, which was among the first. The machine has not changed substantially since 1947.....60 years ago. A new front load washer is up to 62% bigger AND 62% more efficient at the same time

The electric cooktop and stove was first manufactured in 1912. It is 55% efficient(gas is 60%) and induction is 90%. The heat expelled adds to heating, venting and higher energy costs and consumption.

I do not see any stagecoaches on Interstate RT93 outside my office, but we can clearly see a solution. Changing to newer technologies has clear benefits in terms of saving money(lots of it) and the environment


  1. What they are not telling you is that these new compact fluorescent bulbs contain copious amounts of mercury and if you or one of your little darlings breaks one, you will have to hire a hazmat specialist to clean it up at a cost of about%2500.00. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

  2. Rubbish.


  3. First, you qwill not be replaceing a compact fluorescent for 10 years. Second, they contain trace, not copious amounts of mercury. You do not need a hazmat team to clean this.


    PS: We will be a fluorescent drop off point in October