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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Most Energy Efficient Bulb Ever Made

Lets review how much energy would be saved if everyone just in New England replaced 7 incandescent bulbs to fluorescent.

6.57 billion kwh saved which would light

698,811 homes or a city of 1.5 million

in terms of saved emmissions
1.3 million cars off the road
29,963 railcars of coal
13 billion pounds of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere

Thats not bad. Now consider the new LED, which is 1 watt instead of 13 for fluorescent. The lumen equivalent is 35 watt versus 60 for fluorescent, so the energy savings is roughly 6.5 times that of fluorescent..

We will be showing this bulb at The Greenfair June 23 and 24. Hopefully, it will be convincing enough for people to change their lighting

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  1. Ann Porter, CKD7:10 AM

    How's the beam spread? I find that samll LEDs don't cast their light very far and switching to a 3watt LED gives better light than a 1 1 watt.