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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How To Buy....A Pro Range(basic Info)

Professional ranges are a relatively recent phenomenon. Viking actually manufactured the first pro in 1990. A Pro range is an adaptation of a commercial range, but is insualted so it can be zero clearance to wood cabinets. Like a commercial range, a pro range will have the high BTU output, but will be warm not hot to the touch.

The basic sizes of a pro range are 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches wide. Basic features are:

Convection: Fan forced heat for more even baking

High Output Burners: 15-17,500 BTU burners for faster cooking. It is important to note that a regular range has one high output burner

Grill option: 18,000 BRU grill on 36 inch units and higher

Griddle Option: Thermostatically controlled griddle for flapjacks, grill cheese, bacon, etc

Simmer: Point of distinction: Simmer could be 900 BTU on a Viking to 500 BTU simmer on a Wolf to an intermittent simmer of 250 BTU simmer on Thermador(2 burners only)

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