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Friday, May 04, 2007

Green Tips

I had three conversations this morning. One was about Manny's home run late to win a great game. The other two were global warming related. I am not seeking or even initiating these interactions. I had no idea that honey bees were inexplicably vanishing from existence. I also had no inkling that mosquitoes in Maine are incubating similarly to the ones in New Jersey twenty years ago due to weather changes.

We can change this significantly by minor alterations. Below are a few easy remedies to save money, energy and the environment.

1. Stop using heated dry on your dishwasher. Most of the energy expended in a dishwasher is heat related. For an alternative use the Energy Saver Dry and Jet Dry or Somat, which will aid condensation

2. Stop using the warm rinse in washing machines. This is an easy one. The cycle uses energy for little benefit

3. Use a microwave if possible...It is 4 times cheaper to operate.

4. Throw away the old refrigerator downstairs. It costs 200-300 dollars to operate.

5. Shut off your paddle fans when you are not in the room. Fans lower temperature by wind chill, which is only felt when you are in the room

6. Unplug lamps, chargers or anything you do not need. If it is plugged in and not in operation, it still uses electricity

7. Buy compact fluorescent bulbs. The investment will return 40-200 dollars per bulb plus longer life and less heat(which eliminates the need for more electricity)

8. Sensors, timers and motion detectors are good ideas, but shutting lights off is still the best

9. Buy a front load washer....62% more capacity, 62% less energy and 3 times the spin speed for faster drying add up to huge savings per year and less time doing laundry.

10. Do not preheat when broiling...There is no need, and broiling is already the highest heat available in cooking

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