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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Buying Lighting

Buying lighting can be difficult. Lighting companies have no brand awareness, so consumers have no benchmarks. Unfortunately, there are all types of lighting products.

Here are a few common sense tips to navigate the lighting spectrum:

1. Check the Finish. Finishes should be metallic not painted. Painted finishes over time will fleck

2. If it flickers on a display, forget it. On low voltage fixtures, the main component is a transformer. There are good and bad transformers. A bad transformer will effectively cause the light to malfunction.

3. Check the fit: Simple stuff really...Does a fixture hang straight on a display.

4. Not all the glass is the same: Murano or Evianne glass shades project a better light than painted shades

5. Warranty? Only a few companies will provide a comprehensive guarantee in case the light fails

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