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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 Ways to Check Your Appliance Store

Read these points and add them to your shopping list. We all know how to price shop item for item. This information will insure that you will be treated fairly

1. Check the reputation of the store by looking at the Better Business Bureau. A high volume store will not be perfect, but tons of complaints are a huge red flag

2. How much are the extraneous charges? Delivery, removal and cords can be huge extras. Know up front. Do not wait until time of delivery

3. Do they have a service department? 10-15% of the products sold will need a service call within the first year. Do not be surprised, your car is pretty much the same. Factories have curtailed service, which is a huge problem

4. Do not be hard sold. Often, a salesperson will be paid to sell a house brand or special model.

5. Same as 4, check the brand offerings of the store. If they do not display, often times they will buy it from another dealer, which increases the price to you

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