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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odd Green facts

I met with some Bosch marketing people on Tuesday. Sat through roughly 100 slides of information. 4 were interesting. Then again, they were very interesting. Bosch is a great brand for energy efficiency, and this will be their big push in the future.

The slides summarize the environmental payback of buying Green. For the Boston market, the MWRA/ Boston clean up insures that we pay the highest water/sewarge rates in the country. The payback monetarily on a washer is probably $300 per year in water, electricity and reduced drying time at least.

Some other eyepopping facts:

Bosch Slide #1

Bosch Slide #2

Bosch Slide #3

Bosch Slide #4


  1. I happen to be a Boston local in the market for a dishwasher and cannot ignore the cacophony of recommendations for Bosch. I also keep hearing over and over- you have to use rinse aid and your water has to be hot enough for this dishwasher to really work well. Since I keep my water heater pretty low and do not have a tankless system I would be forced to waste energy turning it up to support this one appliance, and waste energy buying rinse aid that comes in throw away packaging, a rinse aid that i get along fine without on air-dry with my old kenmore.

    So i am skeptical, I then went to the energy star website and looked at the April. 8, 2007 dated list of dishwasher efficiencies and I saw that Bosch dishwashers only become more energy efficient than a modern "american style" dishwasher at the SHX model lines and above, so those of us only able to afford SHU or SHE model dishwasher are actually more efficient when buying a number of newer model "american style" dishwashers rather than the low end Bosch (and that is not very low-end in price.)

  2. Thank you for your comments. First, the purpose of this blog is to promote energy efficiency and answer the questions about home improvement. We are impartial as to what brands are actually purchased.

    Also, Bosch will heat the water internally to 161, so you do not have to waste energy as described.

    Lastly, you can buy many American style dishwashers and make them more energy efficient by simply using the air dry cycle and jet dry to aid condensation.

    If you are looking for a more affordable suggestion, look at the Maytag MDB5601. There are $150 in rebates this month and we are offering free installation to existing fittings. Total cost is $299 for color or $399 in steel after rebate including installation

    Thank you again for your comments.