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Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to...Buy an Electric Cooktop

Why do we have 20 or so electric cooktops on display? An electric cooktop is basically a sheet of glass. That sheet of glass until a few years ago emanated from one company, the venerable Schott Glass company. So the longevity and even the look is basically the same.

Until a few years ago....Now there is induction, which is basically a magnetic heat. Induction is faster than professional gas with better simmer capability. It is also 90% efficient versus 60% for gas and 55% for electric, so there is less residual heat in your kitchen. Induction is also much safer than either gas or electric as heat will only transfer to a magnetic surface.

Our chef explains some of the benefits of induction cooking:

A few products to consider:

The Electrolux E30I 30 inch or E36I in a 36 inch 5 burner model:

Icon Induction

Thermador has a super high burner at a higher price:

Thermador Induction

I realize that most consumers do not have $1800 to spend on a cooktop. If you are still looking for a convential electric cooktop, then there are a couple of considerations-

Frigidaire manufactures a very good quality, yet affordable cooktop:

Frigidaire cooktop

GE of all companies has a unit with a bridge element and an extra large burner:

GE cooktop

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