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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Basic Measurements for Appliances and Lighting

Just the basic rule of thumb in this post for new construction.

Refrigerators: Plan on fitting the width of the cabinet opening: 30,33, 36, 42 and 48 with 36 being the most common size. They have varying heights and depth, so be careful when replacing

Dishwasher: 24 inch width 98% of the time and 18 inch 2%. They are similar height and depth. Asko does have one that meets ADA

Stove: Plan on 20,24,30,36 and 48 inch width with 30 being the most common by far

Chandelier: Hang a fixture 30 inch from the table with12 inches less diameter as a general rule

Bathroom: Hang sconces 65" high on either side of the mirror. Raise a couple of inches if you are taller(so you do not look into the bulb)

Recessed: 12-24 inches from the cabinet and 3-4 feet apart as a guideline

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