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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Posts

For the week of 3-10 to 3-17, new posts will be under the bath fan commentary. Sorry for the inconvenience

New Posts:

How to....Save 603 watts
How to....Save 277 watts

BTW, viewers average about 2 pages of content. I am not tracking you, but some of the best stuff is in the beginning especially with the energy efficiency posts. So read them, share them and save a few dollars just by a few simple changes. I will also be added to some of the older posts with more pictures of the notable products. So you can pretty much buy them anywhere even Beijing. To our Chinese friends, (Google lists geography)...Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you find value in our blog.

Parting shot: If you have a cell phone and you left the charger in the socket, you are wasting $10-25 bucks a year. Not much I agree, but its a start

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