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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Energy Saving Ideas

There is a bill in Massachusetts calling for the elimination of incandescent bulbs. Someone should tell them that we are the worst at actually buying them now. OK, The District of Columbia is actually a bit worse. Its a good first step even for an apolitical person for me. Below is a graphic if everyone in New England bought just 7 compact fluorescents. Pretty unbelievable, I think.
Lightbulb Savings

We will stop selling incandescent candelabra bulbs in 2008 and r and par bulbs when I find a replacement

The following tips are from Whirlpool Australia. They seem to have an issue with energy and water in particular. They are also banning incandescents in 2010

Keep cold drinking water in the fridge or use your fridge’s ice and/water dispenser. That way, you don't leave the tap running until the water gets cool.

Don't use running water to thaw frozen food. Leaving it in the fridge overnight is a healthier option or use the microwave instead.

When cooking, use methods requiring little water, like stir-frying or steaming and do not overfill pots and pans with water. Cooking time will be quicker and nutrition content higher.

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