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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink should not be such a difficult purchase. A good sink is consider such by the gauge or the amount of nickel in the stainless. A lower number is a better sink. 18 is considered good with 16 gauge being commercial grade. The second feature is finish and undercoating. The finish determines luster and undercoating sound insulation. Franke, Blanco and Elkay are considered the best in this realm.

Now which sink? First, sink sizes are based on cabinet sizes. The most popular sink is a single sink that measures 25 wide by 22 deep as a 25 inch cabinet is the most specified with 24 inches deep as the standard.
<span class=PRX 610" src="http://yaleappliance.com/blog_pics/prx610.jpg">

Most sinks sold at Yale are undermount. This type of sink disappears in the counter and is easier to clean without any seams.
<span class=ORX 110" src="http://yaleappliance.com/blog_pics/orx110.jpg">

With the basics covered, we can buy them extra deep up to 12 inches, in a double with the food disposer on one side. There seem to be endless combinations as long as it fits into the cabinet
<span class=PRX 120" src="http://yaleappliance.com/blog_pics/prx120.jpg">

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