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Friday, March 16, 2007

Kelvin temperature of Lighting

I am feeling a tad guilty about my posts lately, so I will try to redeem myself. Its also snowing like crazy here, and there is nothing else to do.

In my previous posts, there is mention of fluorescent lighting. Indeed, it seems to be a hot topic and a cornerstone of the movement to Green products. There is one more detail worth understanding: the Kelvin temperature

To truly understand the Kelvin, consider sunlight is 5000 degrees Kelvin. Now the sun may look yellow, but it casts a white light. Sunlight tends to wash out color, but it accentuates blues and blacks.

On the other end of the spectrum is incandescent light, which is 2000-2500 degrees Kelvin. This is a very yellow light, and is great with lighter colors. Think of it as candlelight. Almost everyone looks good in candlelight.

The relevance to a consumer is to use a fluorescent in closets and the better color rendering,2800 degree, bulbs elsewhere. The 2800 degree bulb will almost have similar color rendering as an incandescent with much better efficiency. The whiter bulb will help delineate clothes in your closet.

Kind of hard to digest, I know. I will post a graph that will help on Monday

Have a nice weekend

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