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Thursday, March 08, 2007

How to....Eliminate 277 watts of Electricity

My downstairs neighbor Owen is a great guy. Best of all, he is never around and is quiet when home. Owen loves to keep the light on in our common area. I always shut it off, but I cannot always maintain round the clock vigilance. Until I started reading about Green, energy efficiency, etc, it seemed mundane. Now it seems hypocritical, so today I did a little maintenance

The light had 3 60 watt lights. Now it has 3, 5 watt fluorescents:
Common Area #1

This horrible common area light had a 60 w incandescent now it has a 5 watt fluorescent
Common Area #2

The light by my door had a 75 watt flood bulb replaced by an equivalent 18 watt fluorescent
Common Area #3

To be fair a 5 watt fluorescent is equivalent is equal to a 25 watt incandescent, but we are not reading books in the hall, so it still will be plenty of light.

Hallway before 315 watts......Hallway now 38 watts

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