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Monday, March 05, 2007

Green is Good....Try it

I set my Google Alerts to energy efficiency and Energy efficient tips. It is amazing how virulent some of the attacks on Green and conservation can be. So lets say that there is no global warming, and we are simply not the causation of anything bad.

How about saving money. Forget about the positive ramifications of actually saving money. Consider the following equations:

You can light your room with a 13 watt fluorescent or a 60 watt incandescent.

You can wash your laundry in a 2.5 cubic foot that uses 42 gallons of water or a washer that uses 10-12 gallons of water and is 40% larger and uses 50% less energy.

Take your pick. The answer will save you easily $600-1200 per year easily in water, sewer, air conditioning and energy costs.

BTW, Massachusetts is 48th out of 48 in fluorescent bulb usage. We are better than the District of Columbia

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