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Friday, March 23, 2007

Buying Appliances on the Internet

There are tons of choices when buying products on the internet. I think that it is good for the consumer and the marketplace in general. It adds a level of price transparency...Sort of. You have to consider the ancillary charges when buying on the internet especially delivery and removal.

There is another element to purchasing from out of your immediate area. The value of your time will be compromised somewhat in dealing with common carrier freight as well as returns and damages as well.

Lastly, you really should research who the merchant on the other side of the transaction really is. Epinions is a good source of information. Better Business Bureau is a better source. The leading appliance online retailers have 176, 124 and 42 complaints lodged against them. To be more accurate the one with the 42 complaints uses a warranty company with over 200 complainte. For perspective, we have a higher appliance volume with 2 complaints filed over 12 months(both handled) on over 30,000 sales, delivery and service transactions.

This is not an anti internet rant, because we have a big site and are actively building a bigger one. But to the 40 hard core readers and the occasional visitors of this blog, please educate yourself before buying on line.

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