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Friday, March 16, 2007

Buying Appliances at The Best Price

So you want the best price?

The unit cost should be easy enough to calculate. It is the other services that are next to impossible to figure. A few companies are smart enough to list a low price and then inflate the necessary services...But here is the skinny:

Delivery costs...Anywhere from 0 to $300 on the same item

Removal Cost: $0 to you have to negotiate with the driver....You should be very wary of removal fees

Electric cords(dryer and range):$0 to $25 dollars...for a $5 dollar item?

Service Warranties: $99-350 for a 5 year warranty...You should only buy one of these from a dealer who actually performs service....

I hate to admit it, but not a good week for the blog. My picture guy was on vacation, but we have some very interesting posts for next week, so give us another look

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