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Friday, March 09, 2007

Bath Fans

I will include a small section on bath fans. Bath fans are purchased on CFM or cubic feet per minute. A CFM is a cube of air sent through the fan per minute, hence the abbreviation. The other factor to consider is sonne level or noise. Quietness is measured by a low number of sonnes. Anything under 2.5 is good.

Bath Fans: The old electrical standard to calculate CFM was square footage times 1.08 or roughly 1 CFM per square foot. I find this measurement really outdated, because bathrooms are much larger with more elements to create heat and steam(among other things. I usually recommend increasing capacity by 50%. Sounds ambitious, but the difference between an 80 CFM and 120 CFM fan is usually $20 or $30. The difference in performance is substantial.
Bath Fan w/LightBath Fan

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