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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Banning Inefficient Lighting

Bill 1547 has been introduced to ban the sale of any light bulb that fails to meet the standards of current fluorescent lighting and sets higher lumens per watt over the next 13 years. Higher lumens per watt is a pretty easy standard, because only 10% of an incandescent is manifested as light and the rest is heat.

The ALA, American Lighting Association, supports "gaining a lumens/watt solution versus banning incandescent bulbs" and that they will carefully monitor the Federal bulb.

I do not wish to be political, but incandescent lighting has not changed much since Thomas Edison invented it a long time ago. It is inefficient at best. Ban it and GE, Sylvania and Phillips will actually manufacture a better fluorescent. Since Walmart has started selling compact fluorescents, prices are lower and quality is much improved.

Take a look at the rationale below:

Lightbulb Chart

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