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Monday, February 12, 2007


These are few of my favorite appliances. Without question, this is a totally biased column.

KitchenAid compactor: This unit compacts 4 bags of trash into 1. If your chore is to carry trash outside on a freezing cold night, hitting a button is a viable option.
KitchenAid Compactor

Miele Nespresso: I almost became readdicted to coffee after we had one operational in the store. The coffee is fantastic, and it allows up to six different blends as options.
Miele Coffee System

SubZero wine storage. For about the price of an upscale cabinet, try this instead. SubZero is the only product designed for proper wine storage with two distinct temperature zones, a low E glass door that refracts light and safeguards for proper humidity and vibration control.
Sub-Zero Wine Storage

Steam oven/module: By adding moisture(steam), none of the nutrients are lost like conventional ovens. The food just tastes better as well. You can even bake brownies in these ovens.
Gaggenau Steam Oven

TurboChef Oven: Easy interface and a product with a hip retro design that cooks 3-15 times faster than a regular oven. It is new, so lets see if it works.
TurboChef Oven

Marvel Icemaker: 35 pounds of clear ice in 24 hours...After all, you can never have too much ice.
Marvel Ice Maker

Miele full size washer and dryer: It is larger(4.0 cubic) and uses only about 10 gallons of water versus 42 for a top loader. Miele also has a great control and a honeycomb drum that is the most gentle on clothes of any brand. Last year only 10 out of 19,000 service visits from our repair department were for Miele products.
Miele Laundry


  1. It has been some time since your comments on the TurboChef Wall Oven, February 2007. Do you have any further experience or performance updates you can offer?

  2. Like other new products, it had some problems. It is being relaunched September...We have used the product, and the technology is great.

    It will return to our dispay middle September