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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ventilation Types

There are a ton of venting options for your kitchens. We will discuss styles and a few issues to assist in your decisions. You can trust us. We are non commissioned.

The first consideration of ventilation is the output and the usage stove or range. As discussed in the previous post, the vent has to be sized properly. Lets pick a vent:

The most common type is the straight vent or power unit. These hoods vary in price from $60 to $700 depending on style and CFM. Broan has some decent units at lower prices,
but Zephyr has units with higher CFM, and really attractive styling.
Another popular consideration is from Best, which has one unit with variety of separate blower options
Best K210

A downdraft is decent option in an island design. This vent is commonly placed behind a cooktop, and can be activated or raised when needed. The motor is either housed in the cabinet or on an outside wall. Think of it as a reverse hood, instead of venting up and through the roof, the venting is placed underneath the floor. Although a downdraft is a stylish option, it does not have capture area for professional style products
Thermador Downdraft

The canopy range hood is the most popular style of hood for professional and higher output burners. The canopy tends to be a slightly bulkier hood and blowers are usually sold separately at all different CFM levels. Although Wolf, Viking, Vent A Hood and Thermador market decent canopy hoods, look at the Best K260. It is beautifully styled and relatively inexpensive.
Best K260

The most interesting hood is the pyramid or trinagular shaped hood. This is the consummate statement piece in a kitchen. They can be purchased in different shapes and styles. Although most of them are available at higher CFMs, only one has enough capture area to handle a pro range, The Best k42
Best K42

The last option is the microwave hood combination. It is likeable, because the cooking products(range and microwave) are in one area, but it has average CFM and capture area, so it should not be placed over a pro range

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