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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pro Ranges

The Pro Range. Perhaps one of the many dreams of the remodeler/renovator. Following is a general guide to general features when considering one of these products.

Sizes of a professional range are 24,30,36,48 and 60 inch. The term professional or "pro" range is derived from their commercial style and high output burners that can vary between 15-17,500 BTUs. Interestingly enough, regular gas stoves have one burner that is 15-16,000 BTU
Most pro ranges are available in all gas or dual fuel with an electric convection oven. Electric convection is a little more even on the bake and requires a seperate 220 line.

In a 30 inch product, the range will have 4 burners or 5 in a DCS with gas or electric convection oven
DCS 5-Burner

In a 36 inch oven, The options are 6 burners, 4 burners with a grill in the middle or 4 burners with a griddle. Please note: When a grill or griddle is installed, you must consider proper ventilation(we will blog vents in the next couple of posts)
Thermador w/Grill

From a 36 inch to a 48 inch range, a second oven and another set of burners is added.
Wolf 48

To distinguish between the brands consider the following:

BTU output will vary from 15-17,500 BTU
The simmers will vary from an intermittent 200 to a consistent 500 BTU
Clocks and timers are available on only a few brands
On the larger units, 48 and 60 inch, the secondary oven is self cleaning and convection on only two brands, Wolf and Dacor(48 inch only)

Just some basic information for now, we will delve into this in greater detail in later posts

If you have any questions or would like us to cover specific questions and/or design issues, please email us at steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com

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