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Monday, January 29, 2007

Basic Lighting Rant

Buying or selling lighting is a difficult proposition. Lighting is like clothes in a way. There are so many styles that you often wonder if you chose the right one, and lighting sets the mood for the whole house, so there is much to consider.

Relax, there are only a few rules about lighting a room properly, and there are only two rooms to really concentrate your efforts, the kitchen and bath. I will cover them in separate posts, but for now, I will dedicate this post on choosing a dining room fixture, an object of much consumer angst.

I was taught that a chandelier needed to be 12 inches less in diameter and roughly 24 inches off the table. As I sit here at home, my fixture is 3 feet off my table and is probably 18 inches less in diameter. Guess what? It looks great.

The other impediment to purchasing a chandelier is this notion that you must stay within a certain style. Although this may have been true when people had more formal living spaces, it is not the case today. Most people have combined living and dining areas to form the "great" room. This room is often an eclectic mix of styles that can acommodate either traditionhal or contemporary pieces. My chendelier? A bendable 7 arm contemporary chandelier from Techlighting over a traditional table with red chairs. It looks pretty cool.

So do not be afraid to try something different and mix a style or three, because that is what you already done.

I promised ventilation, and it will be so next post.

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