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Monday, December 06, 2010

The Commodore

There is a great movie called Spinal Tap. It's a spoof about heavy metal bands. At one point the lead guitarist is asked why the amps go from 1 to 11 rather than the usual 1 to 10.

He says they have 11 for the extra boost when needed...

Which brings us to the Commodore disposer, the worlds only 1 and 1/4 horsepower disposer.

For that extra boost, when needed...

How to buy a disposer:

1. Disposers are available 2 ways: Continuous or wall switch activated or Batch which is activated by a cover for safety.

2. Faster is better. More horsepower will grind faster. Horse power ranges from 1/3 to 1.25

3. Warranties run the gamut from 1 year limited to lifetime replacement

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