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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Countess of Cakes

Behold the best cake I have eaten (I had 2 pieces for dinner and 2 more pieces for breakfast). Yellow cake, vanilla frosting with homemade lemon curd in the middle.

This cake was made by scratch by Moms friend, Sally. We looked at her kitchen a couples of months ago. Curiously, she baked it in my mothers stove.

Rather than her own (a 48" version of this)

Mom has a 30" dual fuel. Sally has a gas convection. Perhaps this may be a good time to post simple differences and understand the reason why Sally chose to bake in her neighbors range.

Electric: Slower, less responsive top (except induction), but a more even bake, especially in convection. Broiler is not as good.

Gas: Faster top, better broil...bake is not as even as electric, even in convection.

Dual fuel: Best of both, combining the speed of the gas top and the evenness of electric baking. The electric broil is not as good, and the price is more expensive.

Induction: Better than the best. Top is way faster than gas, and the bake is better. But like the dual fuel, induction ranges have electric broilers and are more expensive.

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