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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Killing Brands, Daisy Burners and Cooktops

Have a look at this Chambers range.

Chambers was a high end wall oven and cooktop manufacturer back when I started in 1986. They were known for a cast iron burner known as the "daisy" for its daisy like shape. It was solid, dependandable and had a then unheard of output of 12,000 BTU.

KitchenAid purchased the company around 1988, and eliminated the Chambers name and rebranded the cooktop under their own label. They never really invested back into cooking per se, and are accordingly behind their competitors.

But what is in a gas cooktop...like this Miele.

Really a gas cooktop is about the ability to achieve high heat (in this case 15,500 BTU on the 2 front burners) and its ability to simmer (in this case 500 BTU).

After that it is about aesthetics.

That's all.

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