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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to Buy Appliances (Yet Again)

Pat is not around, so there will be no pics today. Just a down and dirty post on how to buy residential appliances

1. Rebates: We will plan on buying around tax day, which is a 5-6.25% savings. There is a better way. Wait for rebates. They fluctuate by brand, but the savings can be up to 38% in packages. Hitting all the various offers when they converge can save you huge money.

2. Service: This is the industry's horrible secret. Over 80% of new appliances will need some kind of adjustment within 5 years. If the store does not offer service, find the local repair agency. Ask them if they repair in warranty (its a money loser).

3. Beware the Accessories: An electric cord costs 25-30 dollars at some stores? We give them away, because the cost is $2.23. Same with dryer vents, hoses and especially removal. These ancillary products can add up to $150 or more.

4. Free: Small caution, it isn't. Typically, they will double charge for installation or removal.

5. 10%, 20%, 30%: These offers have become trendy, but companies are reducing off their highest published prices. At the end of the day compare the bottom line.

6. Delivery: What kind of delivery. In house or dropped on the curb. This is a big issue especially with internet retailers. Small caution: Independent truckers dont like stairs.

Lastly, take your time, do your research and be comfortable with your purchase.

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