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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What I Learned Yesterday

Every once in awhile, I will visit contractors or long time customers to gauge our companies performance and customer satisfaction. Most of the time, I will simply listen and learn.

Yesterday was no different. Have a look at this picture, You probably don't notice anything different at first glance.

This is a modular wall, which is a radically different and new construction technique to personalize space by some MIT grads. Instead of a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom you can theoretically change the configuration as you see fit.

This pic shows 2 great ideas from the folks at Architectural Kitchens.

First, they undermounted the Wolf cooktop, so it is level with the counter instead of being 1/2 inch above. Also look at the deckmounted faucet. This is a great idea for filling pots without having to walk to the sink, especially if that sink is on the other side of the kitchen.

Anyone see paint applied like this.....

Definitely have to leave the office more.

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