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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Killing Brands, Gift Cards, Fabric Softener

The name Yale Electric has been around since 1923. My Grandfather named it such, because he did not have a college education. What he lacked in education, he compensated in humor or so it seems. However, I changed the name to Yale Appliance And Lighting back in 2003 to better reflect what we actually do. Yet people still refer to us as Yale Electric. On one level, I am happy for any reference especially these days....There is, however, a Yale Electric in Canton(my cousins), so it does create confusion....How do I change this perception?

So you have received a ton of gift cards as rebates lately? Just so you know, your unused money affectionately termed "breakage" is repocketed by that manufacturer or retailer along with some monthly fees. With checks, any unused money is claimed by the state after three years

Shifting gears a bit, you bought a front load and your clothes are now incredibly wrinkled. The spin on these machines is 1200 RPM or 3 times a regular top load, which creates this wrinkling. Just add a couple of tablespoons of fabric softener to the wash and the wrinkles shall be released

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